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was it a dream
you come to me
big snake head
it was not so sublime
blood in your mouth
dripping like mom's spilt red wine
dope like lead
baby I was lost in time
now you shower me in smiles
so heavy on velocity
yeah your flesh in my hands
drinking from the cup so deceitfully
devoted exiles
castrated by fear
walking in the valley of skin
but the voice cuts clear
yeah her voice is so dead
I will forfeit all I asked for
everything that I grasp for
lusts wallowing voices
reproached by lies
and her hosts of saints are
rallying around our love's death bed
I will sit there and stare
knowing there is nothing more for us to hold onto
yeah there is nothing more for us to hold onto
it's the devil's charity that'll get you in trouble every time
I can't control where my hear goes
where my lean heart unfolds
explodes wants to roam
so take down your pony dress
place me in the womb
why are you telling the truth
that is so unlike you

filtered through the gauze of desire
we will not be sanctified
as we climb the tree of thorns
and drown in the sea of fire

I struck a chord
I struck a chord with you

©2014, Timothy James Swenson